How to Redirect Users After Logged in and Logout

When users logged out from their accounts, they redirect to the login page by default. For example, if you are using WooCommerce the users automatically redirect to WooCommerce my account page again.

Well, if you want to redirect the users to a custom page after login in or logout you need to install the Login and Logout Redirect


Install Login and Logout Redirect
Login and Logout Redirect

You can install it from your WordPress dashboard or first download it from the WordPress repository and then upload it on your website.

Fill Input Settings

Well, now it’s time to set your custom URL for redirecting users after login or logout.

After installing the plugin go to the WordPress admin dashboard and then click Settings->General.

Scrolling down to see this box.

Login and Logout Redirect Settings
Login and Logout Redirect Settings

Redirect Users After Login

The first box is Login Redirect. This input is for redirecting users after login. For example, if you fill this input with the users will redirect automatically to

You can fill this box with every URL that you want.

Redirect Users After Logout

The second box is Logout Redirect. This box is the same as the top box. Every URL that you insert here, the users will redirect to your custom URL automatically.