WordPress Database Info

The database is one of the necessary things you need to know about. If you forgot your WordPress database info when you made your website, don’t worry! In this tutorial, I will teach you how to find your database info in WordPress without installing anything.

We will check our database info, such as database name, database password, and database user. It would be best if you kept this info in a safe place.

Check WordPress Database Info

Open the root directory of your website, find the wp-config.php file, and open it. If you are using the web hosting control panels like CPanel or DirectAdmin, you can edit it with an online editor, or if you are opening the wp-config.php in the local server, you can use a text editor like VSCode.

Database Name

Search for the define(‘DB_NAME’ , ‘yourdbname’ ); . The yourdbname will be your database name.

Database User

Search for the define(‘DB_USER’ , ‘yourdbuser’ ); . The yourdbuser will be your database user name.

Database Password

Search for the define(‘DB_PASSWORD’ , ‘yourdbpassword’ ); . The yourdbpassword will be your database user name.