Color Palettes

A part of designing a website is choosing colors. The colors can give users positive energy or can give users negative energy. It depends on your main website color. We want to introduce some of the websites that suggest to you color palettes for designing everything like web design.

What Energy Do Colors Have?

Before introducing websites let’s talk about what energy do colors have? This subject is not simple and basic and it needs to read about colors. We just talking about some colors.


The blue color means honesty, power, trust, smart and more. For example, blue is appropriate for e-learning websites.


The green color means safety, healthy, knowledge.

Finding Color Palettes

These websites suggest helping you to find color palettes for your design.

Color Hunt

The Color Hunt website has default color palettes. When you open that web page you are able to see different color palettes for designing.

Color Hunt
Color Hunt


The Canva is like the Color Hunt good suggestion for finding color palettes. You can search for color on the Canva page.

Canva Color Palettes
Canva Color Palettes