Change WP-Admin URL

After the WordPress installation, if you want to go to your admin dashboard, you should add the wp-admin end of your website URL. Now everybody knows that your admin login page is Well is dangerous.

Now you can change the wp-admin URL or you can redirect wp-admin to another page. For example, you can redirect to your custom login page like WooCoommerce my account page.

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Change wp-admin URL

In this tutorial, we’re going to use WPS Hide Login. You can install it from the WordPress repository like this.

Your admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New.

After complete installation, you have a new submenu in your settings menu like this.

WordPress Settings
WordPress Settings

So click on the WPS Hide Login link to see the plugin settings.

WPS Hide Login Settings
WPS Hide Login Settings

There are two files here. One of them is the Login URL and another one is the Redirection URL.

The Login URL is the URL that you want to change wp-admin to that. For example, the default value is login address. If you type the you see the WordPress default login form like when you type

Another field is theRedirection URL. Now if you type you can’t see the WordPress login page and you are redirecting to because the default value is 404 and you and change it to every URL that you want.