Some web designers set admin for the username of WordPress and it’s bad for security. And you can’t change the username on the WordPress admin dashboard by default. In this post, we’re gonna change the WordPress username easily.

Remember: Do not forget to make a backup before changes.

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Change WordPress Username

Go to PHPMyAdmin from your hosting and click on your database.

Now find wp_users table. This is maybe not wp_users for you. wp_ your tables prefix is instead wp. Whatever that you typed on WordPress installation for database tables prefix.

wp_users table
wp_users table

Find the user that you want to change the username and click edit.

Edit Username
Edit Username

Change the user_login and click Go.

Remember: The username you want to change must not already exist

So go to the admin dashboard and click Users. At the top, there is a search box. Type the username that you want and click enter.